Legal and Compliance

Legal and compliance

Independance Producers Handbook 

The Independent Producers Handbook aims to give helpful and practical guidance to all our programme-makers and editorial staff on the Ofcom Broadcasting Code rules and the main areas of law that apply to the making and broadcast of programmes.

Channel 5’s version of the Independent Producers Handbook is currently being updated, but if you are a member of a production team making programme content for Channel 5 and have an Ofcom Broadcasting Code or legal query, or would like to receive a copy of the previous version of the handbook, then please contact Channel 5’s Legal & Compliance team on 0203 580 3386.

Data Protection Guidelines

Channel 5, together with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Pact have announced a new set of data security guidelines for the production industry.

The guidelines are designed to help producers comply with their obligations under the Data Protection Act (DPA), which states that production companies are responsible for ensuring they manage and protect personal data properly and in accordance with legislation. They cover all aspects of data security including collection of and access to personal and sensitive data, policies, exemptions, subject access requests, action to take in the event of a loss of security and all other aspects related to the DPA.

The Producers’ Data Protection and Security Guidelines can be downloaded below, along with the Crew Data Security Guidelines  in both English and Welsh. If you have any queries about this document or how it might apply to your commission please contact Channel 5’s Legal & Compliance team on 020 8612 7675.

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