13 June 2024

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Channel 5


2 X 60’ series commission from Honey Bee Media

Channel 5 has commissioned a 2 x 60’ series following the fascinating, everyday lives of bees. The Secret Life of Bees (w.t) - commissioned by Channel 5 Commissioning Editor Kit Morey from production company, Honey Bee and and GroupM Motion Entertainment - is an intimate portrayal of one of our most highly-valued insects.   

The films will follow British naturalist and explorer Steve Backshall showing us what it takes to be a beekeeper when he becomes an apiarist for the first time, as well as exploring the importance of the 270 different bee species in Britain, showcasing the marvels of their societies; examining the importance of their existence through history; and delving into the science and cutting edge research being conducted into these fascinating creatures.   

Without bees and other pollinators our food security would be seriously compromised – they are vital to the well-being of the UK and the planet.   

“This project is very close to my heart,” commented Kit Morey, Commissioning Editor Channel 5.  “Bees are incredible, not only can they survive underwater for a week - yes that is true - they are vital to our entire ecology.  Our series will dig deep into the ecosystems of these extraordinary and BEE-utiful insects, helping us to gain a deeper understanding of how they not just support each other – but more importantly - how WE can support them.”   

Steve Backshall said: “Learning to keep bees might be the most wholesome enterprise I've ever taken on! I can’t wait to immerse my family in the wonderful world of the bee, and connect to the challenges they face in the modern world.”   

Ed Taylor, Managing Director for Honey Bee said: “Having named our company Honey Bee after the bees that we keep, we are delighted to have the opportunity with Channel 5 and GroupM Motion Entertainment to reveal some of the extraordinary secrets of these busy insects and raise awareness of their importance to humanity.”      

Melanie Darlaston, Head of Factual (UK) and Executive Producer for GroupM Motion Entertainment said: “It’s a pleasure to be collaborating with Honey Bee on what promises to be a fascinating look at these incredible creatures, and how they play such a significant role in the planet’s ecosystem.”   

The Secret Life of Bees (w.t), is a 2 x 60’ series commissioned by Kit Morey,  Commissioning Editor, Non-Scripted UK Originals, Channel 5 and Executive produced by Ed Taylor, Ros Edwards from Honey Bee. Melanie Darlaston exec produces for GroupM Motion Entertainment.  

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