04 March 2022

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Channel 5 will air a one-hour special showing inspirational volunteers and empowering viewers on how to help Ukraine.

London 3rd March 2022: Channel 5 announced today that it will be airing a one-off programme highlighting the volunteering efforts around the UK for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and showing how you can help. Ukraine: How YOU Can Help will air on Channel 5 on Friday 11th March at 9pm.  

The fast-turnaround programme will be fronted by Jeremy Vine and produced by ITN Productions, with a mixture of live guests and pre-recorded items. The inspirational hour will showcase the impressive efforts of people all over the UK and demonstrate how they are helping to assist the aid effort - with more than 1 million refugees now forced from their homes by the war. 

Ukraine: How YOU Can Help will feature a host of famous faces including presenter Nick Knowles, explorer Ben Fogle, singer and broadcaster Jane McDonald and comedian and presenter Susan Calman who will shine a spotlight on initiatives from communities, businesses and determined individuals in the UK.  

Pre-recorded packages, produced by in-house production company VIS, will see these much-loved presenters highlighting some of the incredible and inspiring efforts to support the Ukraine from around the country. 

Channel 5 News correspondents will tell the story from Ukraine and the Polish border where many refugees have now fled. They will meet families who have lost everything, explain why the humanitarian effort is so important and show where the aid goes.

There will also be information about the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, which launched on 3rd March and aims to raise money to be spent on aid. DEC charities are in Ukraine as well as neighbouring countries and are working to meet the immediate needs of all refugees and displaced people with food, water, shelter healthcare and protection. 

The programme will capture the spirit of a determined Britain, while also inspiring people at home and showing them how they can contribute. 

Greg Barnett, Commissioning Editor (VP) for Channel 5, said: ‘Many people at home are watching the news and feeling a sense of helplessness, but many people in Britain are motivated to help Ukraine. This important and inspiring piece of television will highlight the determined efforts of people all across the UK and inform us all on the DEC humanitarian appeal, what help is needed and what it is appropriate to do” 

Ukraine: How YOU Can Help (1 x 60’) was commissioned by Greg Barnet for Channel 5. It will be produced by ITN Productions, supported by VIS and Renegade Pictures. The programme will be executive produced by Ian Rumsey for ITN Productions with Luke McLaughlin and Oliver Wright executive producing for VIS and Natalie Wilkinson executive producing for Renegade Pictures. 

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