04 March 2021

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Nick Knowles Signs for Features on Channel 5

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Nick Knowles Signs for Features on Channel 5 

Channel 5 today announced two new commissions with the working titles Nick Knowles: Your Life On Your Lawn and Nick Knowles’ Home Improvements. Both series will be helmed by one of Britain’s most loved TV presenters, Nick Knowles, marking his first appearances on Channel 5. Nick Knowles: Your Life On Your Lawn (6x60) (w/t) is a major new format following Nick as he rescues families trapped in cluttered houses and completely reorganizes their homes so they can finally realise the potential of the properties they originally fell in love with. In each episode, Nick will begin by emptying the overflowing home of ALL its belongings, furniture and possessions and laying every single possession they own out on their lawn. Nick will then guide each family through a cathartic and emotional decluttering process as they decide whether to bin, sell, revamp or recycle their items. Any money they make along the way will be sunk straight back into this mega makeover. Then begins a rapid and fascinating process of transforming it into their dream house through inventive ideas and aspirational designs. Individual rooms will also be targeted to make the family’s wishes come true. Spaces and rooms previously unused and lost under junk or bad design will be turned into something truly special and spectacular: like a peaceful home office, a quirky bar or home cinema. By the end of each episode, the old home will be gone and the families will be left with a dream home to live in that appears to have doubled in size. Nick Knowles’ Home Improvements (wt) (3x60) will offer ingenious tricks and practical advice on how to get more out of our homes. Each episode will be themed to address storage, space and organisation and will also feature Nick immersing himself in one significant improvement job.Nick Knowles said: “I’m really excited to be working with Channel 5 on these new programmes. They have been channel of the year for two years running and are making such good shows currently, it was a no brainer to join in! I think people will love the series which will be useful, inspirational and be in tune with how people are feeling about their homes coming out of lockdown. We are determined it will be a lot of fun too.” Commissioning Editor Guy Davies said: “We are thrilled that Nick, one of the nation’s best loved presenters, is making such a commitment to Channel 5 with these exciting new shows.” Nick Knowles: Your Life On Your Lawn was commissioned by Guy Davies and will be executive produced by the newly appointed head of factual and features at Viacom International Studios (VIS) UK Oliver Wright. Nick Knowles’ Home Improvements was commissioned by Greg Barnett and will be produced by Ten66 Television. Ten66 Television form part of Channel 5’s BAME indie initiative, set up in 2019 to support BAME indies’ delivery of mainstream programmes for the channel. This will mark Ten66’s first full series commission from the channel, and second overall, following last year’s How To Add 20K To Your House. 

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