13 June 2022

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London, Monday 13th June 2022: Channel 5, today announces a brand new three-part travelogue, South Korea with Alexander Armstrong, produced by Burning Bright Productions. 

Following the hugely successful series ‘Iceland with Alexander Armstrong’, which aired last year and peaked at 1.9 million viewers, actor and presenter Alexander Armstrong returns to set off on another adventure of a lifetime, this time exploring South Korea. 

Gangnam Style… Squid Games…K-Pop. South Korea is one of those places that’s always somewhere in our consciousness, but most people know little about this extraordinary country. Divided into the distinct countries of North and South since 1953, the course of Korean history has been strongly influenced by the country’s location between its two mighty neighbours - China and Japan. But despite this, unique Korean culture has retained a distinctive quality of its own. Alexander heads off to one of the most dynamic nations on earth to find out more. South Korea is a nation of contrasts, smaller than England but can feel like another planet entirely. Alexander's mission is getting to the heart of what makes the nation tick is. 

South Korea is a country that is deeply traditional but also fast-paced, future tech savy and forward thinking. How is it that a faraway country packs such a punch? What will Alexander find as he heads into the future in one of the liveliest, at times strangest, and proudest nations on earth? 

During his travels Alexander will explore much of what the country has to offer from a K-Pop makeover, the awesome Gyeonbokgung Palace, and ultra-hi-tech cities where robots serve chicken in restaurants.  He’ll also visit the ‘poo café’ where everything including the teacups is toilet inspired.  He’ll also explore the fad of Mukbang – madly eating online, and visit stunning landscapes paragliding over the mountains, and visit Seoul’s Death Experience School and the Healing Sleep café.  In the wider country a holy Shamen advises him, and he joins in the original squid games on the streets.   

Alexander Armstrong said: “Now that we are free to roam beyond the green zone countries of pandemic restrictions I felt it was time to burrow into somewhere truly - and excitingly - different. South Korea is a country that has leapt to cultural significance in the last ten years and yet we still know so little about it. So my first suggestion when Channel 5 kindly asked if I’d like to make another travelogue, was SEOUL, and don’t spare the horses.” 

Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor, Non Scripted, Channel 5/Paramount+ added:Alexander is back with another strange and immersive travel adventure in one of the most fascinating places on earth. Futuristic and traditional at the same time, Alexander’s new journey will be weird, wonderful and unmissable.” 

 Executive Producer Clive Tulloh commented: “We are delighted to be sending Alexander Armstrong to South Korea – it is one of the most exciting countries in the world and in the UK, we know very little about it. Alexander is the perfect person to find out what makes that country tick.” 

The series is commissioned by Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor, Non Scripted UK Originals Channel 5/Paramount+ Executive Produced by Clive Tulloh and Louise Quayle for Burning Bright Productions Series Produced and Directed by Ed Venner   


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